The band

A Banda
Banda Terráquea is a musical group that presents a model for the possibility of harmony among diverse cultures. The group’s musical style is Rhythm & Blues-“AfroBrazil”. Both on stage, in their live shows, and in music clinics and other educational projects; Banda Terráquea’s synthesis of genres shows that music has real potential for re-connecting the commonalities among the enormous family that shares the mutual living space, Earth. (“Terráqueo” means Earthling in Portuguese)

The musicality of Banda Terráquea is rooted in the African “Diaspora” (African Diaspora is the term commonly used to describe the mass dispersion of peoples from Africa during the Transatlantic Slave Trades, from the 1500s to the 1800s), combining the traditional styles of Brazilian music and Afro-Brazilian rhythms with the flavors of Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, and Rock

The Brazilian foundation of the band is composed of bassist, composer and arranger, Son Melo PhD., music professor at UFBA and percussionist Ivã Santos, one of the important founders of Bahian “Axe” Rhythms. The North American, Rhythm & Blues influence came to Brazil in 1998 with composer, singer and guitarist, Lon Bové, who received 9 Grammy nominations for his CD. “M.O.T.H” (Including nomination for song of the year for “My Angel” which he co-wrote with Michael McDonald). Lon was one of the principal organizers of the Canal Futura children’s “tin can band” community aid project “Toque Bahia”.

Banda Terráquea’s refined mixture of musical genres from 2 Americas not only results in vibrant musical event, but also demonstrates that good music, mixed with an enjoyable process of education, has the power to promote cultural and social unity.