Banda Terráquea’s 3 Tracks to Education:

1) On stage, Banda Terráquea’s original compositions and arrangements provide a live performance model for the process of educational harmonization between the musical cultures of North American Rhythm and Blues and Afro-Brazilian music. This musical synthesis is a visible example of how “affectively” (Bloom, 1953 / Krashen, 1977) opened minds can be educated to unite and create new artistic expressions on a broad socio-cultural scale.

2) Banda Terráquea always offers to include integrated music clinics and workshops when participating in music festivals and other thematic cultural events. Brazilian music workshops/ clinics are offered in singing, percussion and harmony and are all led by musicians with masters or doctorate degrees. In communities where English language support is needed, choral workshops are available in ESL formats, using SPELL ® song packages developed by TEAL certificate holder, Lon Bové. Sheltered instruction is available for harmony and percussion workshops.

3) Workshops in universities are structured in two stages. First, members of Banda Terráquea complete content objectives with both music professors and music students. Secondly, the educational process is put into practice and multiplied by presenting the professors and students to their community, involving them in the direction of the workshops, together with the band members.

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