lonLon Bové – Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Music Professor – Masters in Education
Creator and founder of the Banda Terráquea and winner of nine Grammy nominations for the CD "M.O.T.H."; he devised the project "Axé & Blues – Connecting the African Rhythms"; musical director of the band PercuCia – Grupo Cultural Bagunçaço; founder of the social project Bagun Orin, which brings music to underprivileged children in the neighborhood of Alagados; produced soundtracks for Disney, MTV, 20 th Century Fox.
sonmeloSon Melo – Bassist, Arranger, Master and Doctoral Candidate in composition at the Federal University of Bahia – UFBA
Professor at UFBA, graduate of music composition, Master and Doctoral Candidate in music; winner of the Caymmi Trophy – best band of 2002; Copene prize: Pluft o Fantasminha – Best Youth/Children’s music of 2002; accompanied artists such as Jeff Decker (USA), Marta Leão, Ivan Houl, Don Lula Nascimento and Avant-Garden Jazz Band, Inter Jazz, Andréa Daltro, Alexandre Leão, Jurandir Santana, Aroldo Macêdo, among others.
gibaGiba Conceição – Percussionist, Composer, Improvisor, Professor of Percussion
Caymmi Trophy of music revelation in 87; member of the "Caravan of Music", an Art Education project on the ESPN Brazil channel in partnership with UNICEF and the Instituto Sol da Liberdade; participated in the production of the CD of the Igreja do Rosário dos Pretos with Jota Veloso; director/musician of the Grupo Ofá (Candomblé orchestra); worked with great musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Jimmy Cliff , Gerônimo and Margareth Menezes.
jaymebocaoCandice Fiais The singer/songwriter born in Bahia, Candice Fiais, starts her solo carreer with a pop music project, with strong influences of blues, folk and soul music. The sweetness and femininity of Candice merge, harmonically, into a voice as sweet as powerful, that sometimes reminds us of classic blues and soul singers such as Susan Tedeschi and Norah Jones. Candice Fiais sings, plays the guitar and the harmonica, and performs with her own outstanding band and her debut album is scheduled to be released in 2013, with songs autobiographical and existentialist, sang in portuguese and english, mix slightly pop with a bluesy accent. Banda Terráquea was proud to have her join the band with her debut performance at the 2013 Phoenix Jazz Festival in Praia do Forte.
jaymebocaoRicardo Sato Ricardo Sato, 33 years old, born in Salvador, Bahia, graduated and then worked and an electrical engineer for 6 years. Since 2010, he left dropped everything to involve himself 100% with music. Playing guitar since the age of 14, today he is one of the creative organizers of Banda Terráquea and his passion for playing guitar, bass and singing is an indispensable part of the project. Ricardo is pursuing a music education track at the Federal University of Bahia where he was selected as a specialist in guitar after an extremely rigorous competition for a vacancy.
jaymebocaoJoca Alcântra Joca Alcântara, 39 years old, is currently playing in the band Travolta Toca Rock, one of Salvador, Bahia’s most popular groups and is among the list of Brazil’s great drummers. (See for yourself in the site’s live video – “Rainbows in the Dark”. Joca’s degrees in Business Administration and Project Development are indispensable in Banda Terráquea’s educational projects.
jaymebocaoJayme Bokão – Drums and Perucssion
Played alongside renowned artists such as Pepeu Gomes, Moraes Moreira, Margareth Menezes, Paulinho Boca de Cantor, Jimmy Cliff, Gilberto Gil, in concerts linked to the “Project Blue Wave Foundation”; teaches at music schools and accompanies artists and bands of various styles of popular music
andreAndre Becker- Flutist and Saxophonist
Works in the OSBA – Symphony Orchestra of the State of Bahia – since 1991; doctoral candidate in musical performance at UFBA, Master’s degree in Jazz Performance from the California Institute of Arts – CalArts; graduated from as a flautist in 1990; has been the "Spalla" of the Rumpilezz Orchestra since its creation; musician in the base band of JAM in the MAM since 2006; played with Daniela Mercury, Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra Jr., Gal Costa, Milton Nascimento, Maria Bethânia, Elza Soares.Nascimento, Maria Bethânia, Elza Soares.
ivatamarIvã Santos – Percussionist
Worked with big names in national and international music such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Elza Soares, Fafá de Belém, Luís Melodia, Zezé de Camargo and Luciano, Xuxa, Pedro Ambronhosa, Cristiane Sollari and Chico Moreno from Portugal and Érika e Alaô from the USA. Additionally worked with the music greats of Bahia, among them: Daniela Mercury, Armandinho, Virginia Rodrigues, Gerônimo, Mariene de Castro, Cláudia Leite, Tatau.
taminaTamima Brasil – Drummer, Percussionist, Luthier
Born in Salvador (Bahia) in October of 1978. Has worked as a drummer and percussionist since 1989. Was part of Cássia Eller’s band between 1997 and 2001 as a drummer and percussionist. Participated in different festivals such as Rock in Rio, Percpan (with her percussive project Pegapracapa with Cássia Eller, Gilberto Gil, Elza Soares, Gal Costa, Dona Ivone and Gramoun Léle), Festival de Montreaux, Amisterdan, Tubbigen and Amburgo. Accompanied musicians Carlinhos Brown, Nação Zumbi, Caetano Veloso, and is currently part of the Banda Terráquea and Orquestra de Pandeiro in Itapuã.
zitoZito Moura – Pianist, Composer and Arranger
Native of Salvador, graduated in music composition at the School of Music of UFBA. Always involved with musical productions a keyboardist, arranger, or musical director alongside artists such as Luiz Caldas, Saul Barbosa, Armandinho, Dodô e Osmar, Paulinho Boca de Cantor, Margareth Menezes, Ivete Sangalo, Carlinhos Brown, and Daniela Mercury, among others . Currently develops production and audio recording partnerships and Banda Terráquea projects.
brunoBruno Aranha – Piano, Arranger, Music Teacher
Bruno has accompanied various artists such as: Carla Vizi, Gereba, Suzana Bello, Maestro Fred Dantas, Peu Meurray, Trio Elétrico Armandinho Dodô e Osmar, and Marilda Santana ,among others. Between 2006 and 2012, he was part of the band Negra Cor led by Adelmo Casé, and had the opportunity to work with Saul Barbosa , Chico Oliveira and Lon Bové. 2011- he was part of the band Jauperi. Professor at AMBAH – the Academy of Music of Bahia, led by Gerson Silva and the conductor Letieres Leite. In 2007 he was invited by Tiago Rochaque to play on the show Humanofaturas, which won a the Caymmi Trohpy and won prizes such as the show of the year. Currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Music at UFBA and plays in the Banda Terráquae and Carlinhos Brown’s Band.
girouxGiroux Wanziler – Bassist
Active in the Brazilian music market since 1993, Giroux started his career accompanying artists in his hometown of Salvador. He has worked with extremely prominent Bahian artists such as Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Saul Barbosa, Margareth Menezes and recorded 4 tracks with Gilberto Gil on the CD "Confraria do Gordurinha". In cojunction with all these activities, he was always present in musical works related to teaching and education, was invited to play in Luís Brasil’s Workshop (renowned guitarist of Caetano Veloso and Cássia Eller), in Marcelo Martins’s Workshop (Saxophonist of Djavan, Ed Motta and João Bosco). Worked with Salvador-based American guitarist, Lon Bové on a project in the Panamerican School linking music and early childhood education, in addition to accompanying him in several performances of his original work in the cutural scene of the city of Salvador. Since 2008, he has accompanied the singer Tatau in his solo career. He also works with Lon Bové and is an integral part of the banda Terráquea, a band that proposes a diverse musical concept, bringing together musical ideas ranging between Bahia and the more refined music of North America into a socio educational model.
lonGeorge Santos – Percussão
Born in Salvador Bahia, I began to play percussion at 16 years of age, now I’m 33. I have played with Marcia freire, Tribahia com Carla Cristina, Xinelada com Beto Jamaica, Levada louca, Babado novo, Paulinho Boca de Cantor, Robson Morais (Manda Mel), Pimenta Nativa, Carla Vise, Lon Bove, e Carlinhos Marques. I have a recording studio specializing in recording percussion, Studio Perc, where I have recorded Babado novo, Carlinhos Marques, Forro Sfrega , and the Campanha Politica de Mario Kertez.
lonLuiz Rocha
Luiz Rocha is the first name that comes to mind when the word, harmonica, or “mouth harp” is spoken in the state of Bahia, Brazil. His unique rhythmic signature causes him to stand out throughout all of Brazil. Appearing with his own band since 2006, he released his solo album, “Pise Fundo”, which his comprised completely of his own compelling compositions. Luiz is constantly invited to perform live and record with Brazilian artists and also North American Rhythm and Blues artist, Lon Bové. Luiz coordenates a social network called, “Papo de Gaita”-Harmonicas in Dialogue), which is generating an ever increasing “harmonica” culture in Brazil’s music capital, Salvador, Bahia. As a ardent researcher of the history of harmonica and its musical connections, Luiz leads workshops which not only feature hands on applications for harmonic players, but also includes philosophical and historical musical themes. Currently, Luiz is traveling throughout Brazil with his new project, “the Harmonica Zone”.